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MP3 Audio Tutorial - Relationship Skills for Fundraisers

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5 critical mistakes fundraisers commonly make in relationships with donors and HOW to avoid them.

Do you often conclude conversations with potential donors thinking, "Gosh, our rapport wasn't up to much... something just didn't click" or "That person's just not my type." ? You're not alone. Speaking with a potential donor, feeling rapport slipping away, is like money down the drain - money your charity could really do with. Worse still, sitting there without the skills to put things right is a dreadful, sinking and throughly horrible feeling.

In Kate Rigby's Relationship Skills for Fundraisers you'll discover the 5 critical mistakes fundraisers make and how to avoid them. Even better, you'll learn practical tips to help you gain rapport, build trust, control the conversation and develop long term rewarding donor relationships.

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Kate Rigby is an expert in rapport building techniques. A Master NLP practitioner, qualified counsellor and life coach, she works with blue-chip companies, national charities and micro-entrepreneurs. Her delivery style is punchy, infectious and memorable. You can’t help but laugh and learn with her. The 5 mistakes she tackles are:

1. Not listening or asking the right questions to get high quality essential information.

2. Not truly believing that giving is good for people and that donors genuinely like to give and to help.

3. Not building trust and so failing to establish an essential emotional connection with your donors.

4. Failing to focus 100% on the potential donor.

5. Not being fully committed to the task.

By the end of this programme you will have gained valuable insights, learned practical techniques and will be confident enought to build positive, long lasting relationships with your donors.

This MP3 training material is 63 minutes long. It contains interviews and contributions from leading charity fundraising experts: Caroline Siddall - Director of Income generation at Nightingale Hospice and Rob Wood - a highly experienced coach, specialising in skills training for fundraisers.