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We have been providing help to small to medium size charities within England and Wales since 2006, and we've built up a solid track record of success.

Although we work with a wide range of different charities, our goal is always the same; to enable each charity to have a greater awareness of their organisation and a clear understanding of what, why and how they do things. This clarity enables them to make good financial planning decisions and achieve the outcomes they want.

We firmly believe it essential that all charities have diverse income streams and we show our charity partners how they can create these.

We emphasise that the most vital element in generating long term sustainable income is the building and cultivating of meaningful relationships with donors and supporters. 

How We Work

If you decide to work with us, we will:

  1. Send you a Goal Setting questionnaire. Its purpose is to prompt you to re-visit your goals and objectives. It helps you clarify your thinking about where you are and where you want to be. 
  2. On receipt of your completed questionnaire, we send you a Strategy Report Factfinder for you to fill in. This helps us to build up a clear picture of your charity and its operations and to identify the areas in which you may need help and support.
  3. Once we have your information, we prepare a mini Strategy Report to help you plan and implement the specific steps you need to take.
  4. Naturally, your Goals and the Strategy Report are only worthwhile if you take steps to put them into effect. To enable you to do this, we work with you and provide monitoring and mentoring support on a monthly basis; this helps you stay on track. 
  5. In addition, you can choose to access the Resources and Forums on the CFS Community website. To do so you will need to become a member of the CFS Community. we offer you membership at a favourable discounted rate.

Consultancy Fees : Year 1

£60 per month.This fee includes a bespoke Strategy Report and monthly mentoring support.
Discounted* Membership of the CFS Community

If you also become a Member of the CFS Community the registration fee is £125* for a one-off annual payment.

Consultancy Fees : Year 2

You can elect to have:

  • Telephone or Skype mentoring on an ad hoc basis at £30 per hour, and/or
  • Continued membership of the CFS Community at the discounted rate of £125 annual fee or £12 per month.


All payments (one-off and monthly recurring) can be managed through GoCardless. You can choose to pay by Direct Debit. We can send you an invoice for your accounting purposes.

PayPal Secure Payments

All payments (one-off and monthly recurring) can be managed securely through PayPal. You can choose to pay with your PayPal account, credit or debit card. Invoices are generated automatically by PayPal for your accounting purposes.

 Founder Member of the FRSB 

Charity Fundraising Solutions is a founder member of the FRSB; the regulatory body for charity fundraising in the UK.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how our Charity Funding Solutions consultant can help you achieve your charity's financial goals and sustainability plans then please get in touch.


 Edwin Davison

 Managing Director
 Charity Funding Solutions
 49 Wilkin Walk
 CB24 8TS    
Tel:     01954 251200