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How it works

Edwin DavisonIf you need some help with your charity fundraising and would like some professional advice, then book a phone meeting with me, or if you prefer to talk via Skype, we can do that too. 

We can talk though issues you face and how you might tackle them.


To book an appointment

1. Fill in your contact details below and let me know your preferred time for a phone/Skype meeting.

2. If you'd prefer to Skype - do let me have your Skype contact details

3. Give a brief outline of the problem you'd like some help with.

4. I'll get back to you by email to confirm a date and time for our phone/Skype meeting.

5. I will call you at the agreed time.

6. Our fee's are £15 for half an hour or £25 per hour.


Please contact me