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Since 2006, we have worked successfully with many charities operating within the UK to create long term sustainable income. Over the past year circumstances have changed for for a lot of charities which has been extremely challenging for some. After a lot of deliberating, we decided to support our clients with affordable online fundraising courses. These range from Individual, Corporate, Social Media and Events courses which I hope you will find helpful.

We emphasize the importance of individual and corporate giving and on creating events to promote donor interest and participation - with grants being a bonus. For this to happen, charities need to actively work to build better relationships with their supporters. Once you have donors' trust, it is much easier to build a strong foundation for future campaigns and fundraising.

Our focus for the future

Working jointly with charitable organisations to help them build and maintain positive long-term relationships with their supporters and discover how to generate and sustain considerably more income. Key to this is our CFS Community Membership Scheme.

If you'd like to know more, please contact Edwin Davison here


CFS Community Membership Offer

As a member of the CFS Community you have access to a host of helpful information about how to achieve success and financial sustainability, upskill fundraisers to exceed expectations.

In particular you can find out about:

  • Training - on a host of topics either online or face to face. Topics include: Relationship Skills for Fundraisers, Leadership and Teambuilding Skills in the 3rd Sector, PR & Marketing, and many more. Members enjoy discounted rates for courses.
  • E-Skills Tutorials - Buy our excellent value-for-money practical MP3 audio-tutorial from the Skills Store and train your team - fast.
  • CFS Skills Guides -  Download FREE .pdf How to ...Skills Guides only available to Members written by our panel of experts.
  • CFS Consultancy - Use our CFS financial and training consultants in-house. We can work with you on-site and are able to design bespoke consultations just to suit you.
  • CFS Online Support - Like some help with your charity fundraising and need professional advice? As a Member you can book 1 hour free phone or Skype sessions via our online appointment system. We will talk through the issues you face and how you might tackle them.
  • Links to FREE Resources Worth £129 - To help you set-up and manage your charity professionally as well as regular FREE pdf downloads of articles to help you succeed.
  • Sign Up FREE - For our newsletter. Regular articles on generating income as well as practical tips for fundraisers to use straight away. See what a difference they make!

If you'd like to know more, please contact Edwin Davison here

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Please note Charity Funding Solutions only works with charitable organisations in England and Wales